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Wrist Pain When Bent – Top 5 Relief Tips

Wrist pain often arises from overwork. Anyone who works on the computer for an extended time can get pain from the cramped position of the wrist. Serious basis of pain in the hand or wrist include injuries to bones, tendons or ligaments. A variety of diseases may initiate pain in the wrist joint. Read everything … Read more

What To Do When Ergonomic Wrist Rest Don’t Work?

You know the gel-filled padded mouse rest that you have probably seen around computers and laptops, however, we are going to talk about what to do when the ergonomic wrist rest fails to help you with your sore wrists. Many people suffer from sore wrists as a result of spending hours behind their keyboards doing … Read more

Simple Yoga Wrist Pain Remedies To Help Protect Your Wrist

If you have been doing Yoga for anything length of time then you may have experienced wrist pain somewhere down the line. Yoga wrist pain occurs due to lack of strength in your wrists and forearms and may commonly lead to other aches, pains, stiffness or weaknesses in your forearm known as golfer’s elbow. How … Read more

How to Strengthen Your Wrists

Strengthening your wrists is important whether you’re into sports or not. Oftentimes, people disregard this part and focus on larger muscle groups that give better shape to the body. They overlook the fact that strengthening their wrists can help them avoid injuries when performing other exercises. Improving their grip also allows them to be more … Read more

10 Amazing Acupressure Treatments For Arm and Wrist Pain

Acupressure Treatments For Arm and Wrist Pain

From time to time, we experience pain in the area of our wrists and arms. We often dismiss this experience and just treat it with pain relievers to reduce the discomfort. Sure there are painkillers, ointments, and other healing wonders that take away the ailment but they only last for a brief moment. Understanding what … Read more

Tennis Wrist Support – 5 Exercises that Prevent Injury

One of the most common injuries tennis players encounter is tendinitis (found in the wrists) which is caused by strenuous, repetitive motions. Hockey and Tennis players alike who exert extra stress on their wrists may also experience this kind of injury. It often causes swelling and pain at the base of the thumb. When you … Read more

Tips to Prevent Wrist Pain in Yoga

Many of us don’t usually think about our wrists’ Until they start to hurt, that is. People who practice yoga, for example, might occasionally experience strains such as cramps or twinges in their wrists. This article will aim to outline some wrist strengthening and protection strategies that will help you achieve healthier, more stable wrists. … Read more