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Tennis Wrist Support – 5 Exercises that Prevent Injury

One of the most common injuries tennis players encounter is tendinitis (found in the wrists) which is caused by strenuous, repetitive motions. Hockey and Tennis players alike who exert extra stress on their wrists may also experience this kind of injury. It often causes swelling and pain at the base of the thumb.

When you have tendinitis, the best remedy is to rest and avoid movements that will put stress on your wrist.

As always, prevention is better than cure, which is why weíve listed a few tips on how to avoid wrist injuries during sports activities.

Tips to Avoid Wrist Pain in Tennis (and improve your game)

1) Stretching and exercise
Simple yoga warm-up exercises for your wrists can go a long way, so make time for them before doing any strenuous activity.

  • Wrist extensor stretch
  • Wrist flexor stretch
  • Tennis ball squeeze
  • Resistance band flexion exercise
  • Resistance band wrist extension

The goal of these exercises is to loosen the muscles on your wrist, hands, and arms to increase their flexibility.


2) Strengthen your muscles
Perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles used in playing the sport. Do this after practice or during the days when youíre not playing to avoid overexerting your muscles.


3) Adjust your techniques
Watch professional tennis players like Djokovic and Federer and look at their form and techniques, its best to try and compare them to yours to see if you have differences in execution.

These players HAVE developed the proper techniques to maximize their body movements while reducing the stress inflicted on their arms and wrists.

For example… you may be doing your unit turn the wrong way, preventing you from generating more power on your hits. You may be compensating the lack of follow-through from your trunk and legs by forcing your arms and wrist to produce the necessary force to hit the ball harder.


4) Set up your equipment
Using the right equipment not only improves playing performance but also helps avoid injuries. Check your racquet to make sure it fits your level of play and physical capacity.

People suffering from wrist pain should avoid using polyester and Kevlar strings since theyíre harder and they produce more tension compared to synthetic gut. If youíre comfortable using poly, you may just look for strings that have a softer coating to dampen the force you receive upon hitting the ball. Thinner strings are also more comfortable to use since they generate lesser tension compared to lower gauge strings.

The weight, balance, stiffness, beam profile, and size of your racquet also play a part in distributing stress on your wrist. A lighter racquet, in general, transmits a greater amount of force to your arms compared to one thatís heavier to hold. Look for a racquet that has a heavier handle over an equipment that has a heavier head. A heavy handle helps absorb the impact from the ball.

5) Wear wrist support
Sports braces and wristbands can help reinforce your wrist muscles and reduce the stress absorbed every time you swing the racquet.


Known Tennis Wrist Support Products That Can Help

Wearing a brace or a wristband can minimize the impact on your wrists. Manufacturers like Adidas, Fila, Nike, Yonex, and other popular sellers of sports apparel offer many kinds of wristbands that provide light support to your arms and wrists.

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Disclaimer: this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should only be used at the readers own risk. Please consult a fitness and or medical professional (doctor) for any questions and answers you may have.


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