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When to Use Wrist Support and Why You Should – Do This To Free Up Your Wrists

Wrist wraps have recently become commonplace in any in any gym, pole dance studio and gymnastics facility you can think of. When you walk in, you are almost guaranteed to see people utilizing wrist brace of some kind, usually black in colour, hanging from a person’s arms as he or she walks between equipment before starting their weight sets or training.

There is a reason why wrist wraps have become commonplace in pole dancing, gymnastics and lifting weights, they support your wrist in a way that protects them from possible injury from intensive training that can permanently damage your wrists.

When to Use Wrist Support

So what’s going on exactly? Basically, wrist straps are pieces of leather or cloth that are sewn together; it is meant to go around your waist in order to help you support your wrists when under unnatural training stress.

You will often see them used by bodybuilders and casual weightlifters alike, but these accessories can be very useful to powerlifters.

This is just a general description, however, and doesn’t really scratch the surface of the constant online debate about straps. This article is meant to outline the basics of using straps for predominantly the Gymnast and Pole dancer…

What are they good for? What shouldn’t they be used for? Is it essential dealing with sore wrists and possible injuries when doing intense sports like cross fit, pole dancing and gymnastics that rely heavily on grip and arm based movements?

Wrist Wraps vs Wrist Straps?

A notable weight lifter once said, ‘no straps, no traps’, and it’s important not get wrist wraps confused with wrist straps which help weight lifters grip the barbell as they perform overhead presses and deadlifts.

Wrist straps offer little to no support for your wrists they usually hang around loose in the wrist when they are not being used. Their purpose to adequately grip a bar loaded with heavyweights so it doesn’t fly out of their hands as the user performs an overhead lift presses and deadlifts.


Lifting weights can be dangerous business for the user and those around the user and there have been known accidents for barbells flying out of peoples hand as they fling a heavily loaded bar over their heads and that’s where wrist straps come into use.

There are many people all over the Internet that will loudly argue that using straps is cheating and that you should never use them, and from a certain perspective, they have a point since straps are not allowed for specific events and competitions.

What’s the best wrist support?

So if you are not furiously working towards becoming next world-known strong man or strong woman, then wrist straps are not what you are looking for in a normal daily fitness setting.

If you have been winding what the best wrist support for sport and fitness is then you have come to the right place and its usually not limited to one activity. There are many products that help with all areas to keep your wrists free from sensitivity.

If you do any of the following then read on:

  1. Yoga
  2. Cross fit p90x
  3. Pole dance
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Hand stands
  6. Aerial hoop
  7. Workout in the gym

Many people suffer from overwork or sensitive wrists from low-intensity activities and this is when having your own wrist support wraps can make a world of difference from the user.

Just like pole dancing and gymnastic training, wrist supports can be incredibly beneficial as they compress your wrist together, what seems like magic you have extra grip and arm strength you never thought possible without the painful after-effects.

The main reason why I would recommend using wrist support bands is that you are able to work out harder and even fatigue your body without having to worry about your grip failing.

Which Ones To Buy?

There are many types of wrist supports on the market that serves different purposes, for lifting weights, regular fitness and therapeutic, however, there are not many products that should be avoided and may even cause injury. Cheaply made products like wrist support that you have to tie awkwardly tie on your wrists are cheap and look cut, but lack support and quality.

Brands to check out:

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Disclaimer: This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should only be used at the reader’s own risk. Please consult a fitness and or medical professional (doctor) for any questions and answers you may have.

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