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Types of Wrist Support Band – Types of Wrist Support Bands (Guide)

The wrist is perhaps one of the most underrated parts of our body. But so you know, the wrist is by many miles one of the most significant sections of our hands and arms. This is especially true because it serves a lot of purposes without making a big deal about it.

From aiding the easy lifting of objects to bearing your body weight to executing pulling and pushing tasks and more, the wrist works silently and effectively to support our daily routine.

Whether it involves holding things, writing, catching, pushing, lifting, or pulling, the wrist plays an important role, so must be treated to the best of care and attention.

Wrist Support Band: Why you should care

Given the strenuous activities executed by the wrist, it’s no surprise why tons of people suffer from wrist pain, sports-related injuries and more. Without mincing words, wrist pain is one of the most excruciating forms of pain. Anything from mild to chronic pain involving the wrist can cause grave discomfort, preventing you from going about your everyday life.

Even slight activities like using a mouse on your computer, driving screws using screwdrivers or picking up a kettle will seem almost like an impossible task when you suffer from wrist pains and injuries.

But thankfully, wrist pains and injuries aren’t the death of you as we have some fantastic solutions you can use to manage the excruciating pain you’re experiencing. Thanks to wrist support bands and braces, you can finally go about your daily activities without wincing in pain every single time you move your wrist.


What are the common types of wrist injuries?

For people suffering from wrist injuries, life can be a living hell as the excruciating pain they go through is almost unexplainable. But why go through all that pain when you can use wrist support to get some quick relief?

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Below is a list of common wrist injuries you should know. Plus, there is a considerable chance you, a friend or a loved one is currently experiencing one of these wrist injuries since you’re here reading today’s post.

  • Arthritis
  • Strain
  • Fracture
  • Sprain
  • Avulsion
  • Tendinitis
  • Gout/pseudogout

What are the major causes of wrist injuries or wrist pains?

It’s not enough to just list out the common types of injuries; we would like to take things up a notch by showing you some of the major causes of wrist injuries and pains.

Like we mentioned earlier, the wrist is one of the most delicate parts of the body and is prone to injuries, especially considering that it is deployed to handle almost any activity.

To give you a broad idea, here are some activities that can cause severe damage to your wrist;

  • Weight: Lifting too much weight, including gym equipment, bodyweight or any other thing that can cause injuries to your wrist.
  • Flexibility: When there is a lack of flexibility to execute specific tasks, your wrist may suffer severe damage, resulting in excruciating pains.
  • Strength: Wrist injuries and pains may be as a result of the loss of strength or weak wrists.
  • Overuse: Whether from extensive load-bearing or high-intensity activities, your wrist can suffer significant injuries.
  • Sports: Engaging in sports like tennis, cricket, golf, badminton and other sporting activities can put your wrist in the firing line, resulting in wrist injuries and pains in the long run.
  • Accident: Accidents that involve your wrist will most certainly trigger wrist pains or injuries.
  • Wear and tear: Wearing of the wrist due to frequent use and age can cause wrist injuries.

Besides all the scenarios listed above, your wrist may experience minor injuries due to the pressure you must have exerted on the wrist while sleeping awkwardly. To add to that, the turning and unintended twisting of the wrist can trigger minor injuries.

How to treat wrist injuries and pains

Are you tired of living with wrist pains that makes it almost impossible to go about your daily activities or engage in the things you love the most?

Well, not to worry, we have outlined some possible solutions that will help you treat or manage wrist pains with wrist brace.

While wrist pains and injuries may not be too severe in nature, ignoring minor aches in the wrist can turn into a major scare, especially if not treated early. Let’s be straight with you, ignoring minor wrist injuries, may soon cause you an overwhelming amount you may not be able to afford comfortably, should you require surgeries to treat wrist pains.

For people who have experienced wrist injuries, they have reported feeling better after exploring the RICE therapy. According to experts, the RICE therapy is perfect for treating or managing wrist injuries.

What’s the RICE therapy?

If you have been experiencing pain in your wrists and you have visited your doctor to get some practical solutions; chances are your doctor may have recommended RICE.

For those who have no idea, RICE therapy is a simple self-care technique designed to help ease pain, reduce swelling and speed up healing. Not just for wrist pains, the RICE therapy also works for achy ankles and knees.

For people who experience pains and swelling that just don’t go away, that’s a telltale sign that you need to see a doctor.

Let’s break the RICE therapy down, shall we?


Pain in your wrist is a sign that something is not right and should be checked out as soon as possible. The minute you’re hurt, quickly put a stop to the activity you were doing and take some rest, for at least the next two days. Please don’t try to encourage yourself with the “no pain, no gain” philosophy.

Doing so with wrist pains and injuries can worsen your condition and delay recovery, which we are sure you don’t want.

According to professionals, avoid putting weight on your wrist for at least 24 to 48 hours after injuring your wrist. Resting will also help to prevent further wear and tear.


Ice has proven times and times again to help reduce pain and swelling. And for people with wrist pain, applying ice would make you feel a lot better.

To kick things off, we suggest you apply an ice pack nicely wrapped in a light and absorbent towel to prevent frostbite. For effective result, you should use the ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat the process for every two to three hours for at least 24 to 48 hours after injuring your wrist.

If you don’t have an ice pack, a bag of frozen peas or corn should work just fine.


The importance of compression to an injured wrist cannot be overemphasised. And this is done to prevent the injured wrist from swelling. To get this right, it’s advisable to wrap the affected wrist using an elastic medical bandage- you can use an ACE bandage if you have one.

Remember to have it snug and not too tight. If it’s too tight, it will impede blood flow. Should the skin below the wrap feel cold or turn blue, tingly or numb, just loosen the bandage a bit, and you should be fine.

If these symptoms persist after a while, please seek medical attention right away as it signals that something isn’t right.


This therapy works very well for wrist injuries and pains. With this therapy, you can enjoy some quick relief, only if you get it right. To start with, ensure your injured wrist is a little bit raised above the level of your heart.

Doing this will help reduce swelling, pain and throbbing. And guess what, it isn’t that tricky to get right. For instance, in the case of an injured wrist, you can prop your hands on pillows.

According to the centre for disease control, it is advisable to keep the injured wrist raised whenever possible, regardless of whether you’re icing or not.

Types of wrist support bands

Finding the perfect wrist support band for compression carpal tunnel splint pain relief isn’t such an easy job, especially considering that the wrist support market is super-saturated right now.

But before we get into all of that, here are some types of wrist brace you should know.


This type of wrist brace comes fitted with Velcro straps, which makes it super easy to use. Thanks to this type of wrist support brace, you can easily apply or take it off when not in use. Plus, it opens all the way up, so it will nicely wrap around your wrist and provide your wrist with the support it needs.

What we love about wrist wrap is that it features a unique design that makes them perfect for swollen wrists. More importantly, it simplifies the sizing process, making it easy to find one that wraps your wrist comfortably.

With wrist wrap support, you’ll enjoy anything from mild to maximum support, as its specially designed Velcro straps can be adjusted to provide the grip you need. Here is a list of top brands we think you’ll love;

Hustle Athletics Wrist Wraps

This is a decent wrist wrap and its not just designed to provide support for injured wrists; it is also great for people who want to prevent wrist injuries.

Designed to provide all-round protection for the wrist, this impeccable wrist wrap is perfect for powerlifters and gym enthusiasts who exert so much pressure on their wrist. With this fantastic wrist wrap from Hustle, there is no stopping you.

For athletes with wrist pain that limit their work out, you’ll not be disappointed to give Hustle Athletics Wrist wraps a try.

Made with top-notch premium-grade stitching and fitted with durable and extra-wide velcro straps, which can be adjusted easily, this sturdy wrist wrap is just what you need to manage the wrist pain you’re experiencing.

Carefully designed from polyester, cotton and elastic, this wrist wrap is super comfortable, and you can wear them for strenuous activities, including heavy lifting outside the gym.

IPOW 18.5″ Professional Quality Wrist Brace

Whether for wrist pain or additional wrist protection when engaging in the things you love the most, rest assured that this superior wrist wrap will provide your wrist with all the protection it needs. Fitted with reinforced velcro straps and spotting durable stitching, this wrist wrap will provide you with just the right wrist support and stability that keeps your wrist in a moderate range of motion.

With this wrist brace in place, you’ll not only enjoy a comfortable wearing experience, but you can also go about your daily activities without the fear of hurting your wrist. For athletes and heavy lifters looking to take their performance to the next level while protecting their wrists, you’re welcome to give this wrist wrap a try.

Doctor Developed Premium Copper Lined Wrist Support

Tired of managing the excruciating pain on your wrist? Well, now is a great time to give this fantastic wrist wrap a try. Specially Developed by doctors, this wrist wrap features a secure strap system that provides comfortable and non-slip support.

With this wrist wrap in place, you’ll enjoy the much-needed relief you’ve always wanted. The icing on the cake is that this wrap is perfect for both hand and wrist, so regardless of which wrist is affected, you wouldn’t need to invest in a new one.

Compression wrist support brace

Compression wrist support braces are in huge demand today, and that’s because they live up to their promise of providing unparalleled support to the wrist. With compression wrist support sleeves you’ll enjoy both targeted and mild compression. This makes them super comfortable to wear almost anywhere.

Thanks to their unique design, compression wrist support are designed to slip on and off easily. The best part is that they help improve blood flow to the affected area all through the day while easing pain and speeding up recovery in the process.

Compression wrist sleeves are an excellent option for powerlifters, athletes and other sports enthusiasts who perform repetitive wrist motions daily. Here is a list of some of the best compression wrist support braces we have come across.

Vi ve Wrist Sweatbands (Pair) – Bamboo Charcoal Compression Wristband

Specially designed to provide gentle support and compression therapy, this compression wrap will help reduce pain and inflammation in forearms and wrists. From carpal tunnel to sprains to tendonitis to strains and more, this soft wrist support is flexible and allows for a full range of motion during any activity.

Its non-slip design makes it perfect for everyday use while providing comfortable wrist pain relief. Fitted with a unique bamboo blend, this wrist compression band guarantees mild compression that allows for increased blood circulation. Not just that, it also promotes healing warmth that allows for deep muscle relaxation and helps soothe aching wrists.

With these super comfy compression wristbands, you’ll enjoy quick relief from arthritis pain as well as pains that are caused by repetitive motion injuries and overuse. For athletes and powerlifters, you’ll not be disappointed to give this compression wrist support band a try.

Copper Compression Wrist Brace

Will you Kiss goodbye to wrist pains, sprains and sprints? you may be surprised how impressive wrist compression support brace can work for you as they have for our customers. With this copper-infused compression wrist brace, you’ll get all the support you need to go about your daily activities without a fuss.

What we love about this compression support for wrists is that it comes with ultra-comfortable copper-infused fabric and support that provides users with unparalleled protection while limiting their range of motion. This is super important because restricting your range of motion will benefit your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, putting your wrist in the right place for quick recovery.

Wrap + Sleeve

For quick recovery and protection from wrist injuries, you’ll find wrap and sleeve wrist support worth giving a try. The unique selling point of this kind of wrist support brace is that it combines some of the exciting features of other supports to deliver a better, single brace you can trust.

Featuring adjustable straps on the wrist as well as lower hand and wrist, you’ll enjoy maximum support with this blend of wrist support brace. We love the fact that this type of wrist support comes with adjustable velcro straps; this makes it super easy to use. Plus, you can easily adjust it to provide the kind of support you want.

The cool thing about this wrist support band is that it comes with a unique thumb strap, which provides that solid grip that is missing from other braces. With this in place, you can easily adjust the brace just the way you want, without the brace slipping off.

Fitted with removable metal splints, this wristband will add extra support and speed up recovery time. Read on to find some fantastic brands you may want to give a try.

Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace – Fits Both Hands:

With ergonomic hand splint, your injured wrist will get all the support it needs during the day or at night when sleeping. This fantastic wrist support brace will make an excellent choice for people who have arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendon. It is also highly recommended for people that need support for weak and post cast wrists.

What to consider when shopping for a wrist support brace?

Before you get excited about shopping for the perfect wrist brace, here are some factors you’ll want to check out.


While shopping for the perfect wrist support brace for you or your loved ones, you will want to ensure you check out the materials it is made from. We love braces made from neoprene because it combines a lightweight feel with durability.

Another cool thing with neoprene is that it stays breathable during workout sessions. Not just that, it also stays in shape and even prevents moisture buildup.

Whether you’re interested in standard, nighttime or extra support wrist braces, always double-check to ensure that the wrist brace you’re going for is infused with neoprene.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo infused wrist braces will also make an excellent choice. With bamboo wrist braces, you’ll enjoy softness, flexibility and tight-fitting compression you’ll not see with other types of wrist support braces.

Another thing we love about this material is that it helps regulate temperature while improving your work out routine.

Silicone Gel

For mild wrist pain, wrist support braces with silicone gel will make a decent choice. Its selling point is its slim and lightweight design, which lets it hug your wrist and thumb tightly. This makes these types of braces easy to wear when writing, typing or engaging in any other activity.

Wrist braces with silicone gel are usually latex-free and waterproof.

Nylon Mesh

Wrist support fitted with nylon mesh guarantees long term comfort. This makes these kinds of wristbands fitting for everyday use. From reducing sweat build-up to providing a comfortable grip, nylon mesh will make wearing wrist braces less of a hassle.

Frequently asked questions

Are wrist braces better than tapping?

While taping and wrist braces both have their pros and cons, wrist braces come with some exciting perks you’ll love. For starters, some wrist brace products are made from durable and thicker materials, meaning they provide better support. Plus, wrist braces are easier to adjust, thanks to their adjustable velcro straps.

Can I sleep comfortably with wrist braces?

While heavy-duty wrist braces may not be ideal for sleeping, you can check out nighttime wrist support as they are designed for nocturnal uses. What’s more? They come with extra padding for a comfy night rest.

Can a wrist brace help with carpal tunnel?

By now, we are sure you know that carpal tunnel is caused by excessive pressure on the wrist. But thanks to braces, your wrist is guaranteed to stay aligned and protected, from this widespread condition.

In a nutshell

The wrist brace market is supersaturated that finding the perfect wrist support brace can be a bit of a headache. But not to worry, we covered all of that in today’s post. From types of wrist support braces to the best wrist brace and what they help with, you’re sure to find all the information you want in today’s post.