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How to Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga?

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise, it nurtures the connection between breathing, meditation, and physical movements to induce a relaxing state of the mind and body. However, we can’t totally veer away from the physical nature of yoga and all the exercises it encompasses. Injuries can occur if yoga movements are not properly executed and the safety precautions are not taken into account.

Many yoga moves require the use of your forearms and wrists to support your body. This can put a large amount of stress on these body parts, especially on the wrists, which are generally susceptible to easy injuries and cramps.

You can avoid common wrist injuries in yoga by shifting your weight or doing some of the recommended yoga moves we’ve listed below.

Tips to Avoid Wrist Pain

1) Clench your fists
Clenching your fists rather than having your hands lay flat on the floor can take off a small amount of pressure from your wrists. You can do this in positions like the Side Angle, Plank, or Downward Facing Dog.

2) Watch your angle
Change the angle of your wrists so that theyíre placed higher than your fingers. Having your forearms positioned perpendicular to your hands can put a lot of stress on your wrists. The angle between your hands and forearms should be greater than 90 degrees to reduce chances of wrist strain.

3) Check your yoga mat
Having a soft mat to cushion your knees, elbows, and back can be comforting. However, the softness of its surface works against your wrist because of the decreased and uneven pressure the mat provides. A harder surface will work better on your wrists.

4) Grab on to something else
Your wrists may not be able to handle all the focused pressure on them. To reduce stress, you can put a chair between your body and the floor. This will increase your distance from the floor, reducing the strain on your wrists. You can also hold a small block of wood in each hand to distribute the stress to your arms and fingers.

5) Slightly bend your knees
The simple motion of bending your knees shifts your weight to other parts of your body, relieving the strain from your hands and wrists.

The best way to strengthen your wrists and training other parts of your body to handle your weight and reduce the pressure yoga moves put on a single area. You can try wrist-strengthening exercises like the towel wring, ball squeeze, and wrist curls. There are also techniques you can learn to better distribute your weight across your palms. There are also products that can support your wrists during strenuous activities.

Products That Can Help

Wrist supports and bracers sold by Active Forever are approved and recommended by orthopedists. Products from Futuro on the other hand are good but they are geared more towards high-intensity sports and gym use and do not provide that flexible wrist support for yoga.

Insomnia Sneakydeez 4If those options are not working for you, try our very own wrist wraps called SneakyDeez, they are being used by Yogis worldwide.

We wanted to create wrist support that is easy to wear and provides the necessary support for flexible wrist movements.

Sneakydeez is popular amongst Pole dancers and gymnasts because of their elasticity which allows them to freely move their wrists without worrying about injury.

SneakyDeez wristbands can be used for push-ups, strengthening exercises, handstands, and movements that put stress on your wrists.

Disclaimer: this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should only be used at the readers own risk. Please consult a fitness and or medical professional (doctor) for any questions and answers you may have.

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