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The Best Gymnastic Wrist Supports – Protect Your wrists from Injury

There are many ways to injure yourself while training in your favorite sport, and this especially applies to gymnastics. It is common knowledge that gymnastics involves a lot of hand and wrist work, and much of the success in the sport depends on how well your wrist can support your body.

It is also very common, therefore, that many gymnasts suffer from wrist pain and this can greatly (or gravely) affect their performance. If you or someone you know that practices gymnastics has experienced wrist strains, investing in a wrist support may be a wise choice to help alleviate some pain.

Gymnasts are not the only people who could benefit from using a wrist support. People who use the computer and type on their keyboards often, for example, may also suffer from similar pain and could make good use of a wrist support.
Generally, gymnastic wrist support work to prevent excess pressure and strain on your wrist, which should reduce the risk of injuring yourself further.

They also tend to restrict your wrist’s range of motion, which (while it can be annoying) should help your injury heal faster. So, if this sounds like a product that could help you, continue reading this article will go through the varieties and brands available


Best places to check wrist supports


This is our choice for the best wrist supports, and it is actually one of the best brands around on the market. Amazon have a bunch of wrist wraps that solve many different problems.

It’s important to buy yourself a wrist wrap that is going to suit your needs, whether is be for…

  • Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Or for sport and endurance training like pole dancing and gymnastics.

There are many capable and viable brands that may be a good fit for your needs. Its always best to consult a specialist if you are buying online and you are looking to solve a problem.


Consulting a wrist Specialist or doctor

If you have an injury or a condition it’s always best to talk to a specialist first to advise you on a product that will work for you. As the saying goes “you don’t get a plumber to perform open heart surgery”. Getting a second opinion on an injury or condition is always paramount.

However, if you are just looking for regular wrist support then over the counter may be ok for your needs depending on the application.


I just need some wrist support for sports (without injury)

If you often find your wrists feeling tired or weak from handstands, the downward dog moves in yoga, push-ups or you are a CrossFit, pole dance or gym babe where your wrists and grip are essential then you may want some extra support.

There are many brands that offer a variety of different wrist supports, however, with the exception of a few brands, many of them are not ideal because they…

  • Tight and restrict the wrist of movement and flexibility
  • Cutting blood circulation
  • And are just plain uncomfortable to wear.

Before I started Sneakydeez, I was working as a pole dance teacher and must of tried all the wrist support bands out there. From cheapest to the most expensive and I found that many of them were never right for pole dancing, they would restrict my wrists and would be so uncomfortable to the point I would discover red irritating friction burns on my skin from the rubbing of the nylon fabric.

In addition, most of these wrist wraps were made for bodybuilders which offer less movement and flexibility in the wrist. This is why I created Sneakydeez wrist wraps for gymnasts, pole dancers, yogis, crossfitters and more

So why choose Sneakydeez?

  • 360 degree unhindered wrist support — Train longer and harder without wrist pain limiting your potential to reach your next level.


  • The Most Comfortable Wrist Support Design — Most other brands have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable to wear (By wearing Sneakydeez you will forget they are on your wrists)


  • No Skin irritation — No more red burning skin rashes setting you back, Sneakydeez is made from the highest quality Italian fabrics that stop your skin from being irritated from use.


  • Used by over 1000 people worldwide — We are tagged daily with customers stories on instagram (you can see some here or go to our instagram) Dare to become another one of our satisfied sneakydeez customers
  • 24/7 365 Day A Year Customer Support — Have confidence knowing that we are a few clicks away from answering any questions you may have.


  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee — If you are not satisfied for any reason, send it back and we will refund you every penny back. 


Get Sneakydeez Gymnastic Wrist Support

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Disclaimer: this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should only be used at the readers own risk. Please consult a fitness and or medical professional (doctor) for any questions and answers you may have.


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