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Simple Yoga Wrist Pain Remedies To Help Protect Your Wrist

If you have been doing Yoga for anything length of time then you may have experienced wrist pain somewhere down the line.

Yoga wrist pain occurs due to lack of strength in your wrists and forearms and may commonly lead to other aches, pains, stiffness or weaknesses in your forearm known as golfer’s elbow.

How To Avoid Yoga Wrist Pain

Stretching is one of the basic fundamental things you for your body before and after a session.  It’s little known to many that you can do yourself some serious damage if this step is skipped and can put anyone out of action if the necessary stretching is not practised.

Rotate your wrists in a circular motion for 30-second intervals before changing direction. It’s important to not strain or rush this exercise. You will feel your wrists slowly warming up and is perfect before doing any vigorous workouts with handstands and pushups.