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Best Yoga Wrist Support – Wrist Wraps For Yogis

Yoga is one of the most popular mind-body therapies you’ll come across, and for thousands of years, this beautiful mental and physical practice has won the hearts of millions of practitioners all across the globe.

For people just starting out, we know you always feel the nudge to roll out your yoga mat and explore combinations of physical and mental exercises that will benefit you. Well, you’re not alone as this beautiful practice is loved by millions of people all around the world.

The cool thing about yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogini or a yogi to enjoy its many benefits. So whether you’re overweight or fit, young or old, yoga has a lot of potential to calm your mind and strengthen the body.

But here is the snag, while yoga has an unscathed reputation of providing yoga enthusiasts with numerous health benefits, your wrists are always in the firing line when executing your favourite poses and applying weight on your hands,  That’s why wearing wrist support yoga is super important for early wrist pain.

From popular yoga arm balances like a handstand, crow, peacock, plank to simple routines like side plank, firefly and side crow, there are tons of yoga balances that puts your wrist in harm’s way and if not checked soon enough could result in wrist pain or numbness in the wrist after every yoga sessions.

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Yoga and wrist support brace : What you should know

Every yoga class always springs up with one or two complaints of wrist pain. Many times, these wrist problems are a backdrop of spending long hours working the computer keyboard, executing asanas or falling too hard on an outstretched hand during yoga sessions.

Whatever the cause, there is a considerable chance that the problem with your wrist can be exacerbated by bearing too much weight on your hands when executing your favourite poses.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a wrist condition, you’ll know first hand how much wrist pain can interfere with your yoga practice. But you don’t have to wait until things get out of hands before you give your wrist the protection it deserves.

With brilliant selections of wrist support braces on the market today, you can finally execute your favourite yoga poses while keeping your wrist protected at all times.

For yoga enthusiasts who prefer vinyasa-based style yoga routines which requires you to place weight on your hands during execution, wearing wrist support for yoga is a must.

In addition to wrist supports for yoga, yoga enthusiasts must embrace a careful and gradual approach when trying to improve wrist flexibility and strength. This not only helps you avoid unnecessary wrist injury but also helps to rehabilitate the wrists.

Common yoga injuries you should know

Without mincing words, yoga comes with a lot of perks you don’t want to miss out on. Here is the big picture, a healthy and regular yoga routine can help lower stress levels, induce better sleep, reduce blood pressure and improve your overall flexibility and strength.

But guess what, if you’re not careful when executing your favourite routines, yoga can cause some severe problems, especially to your wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck and hamstring. A study conducted in 2012 showed that yoga injuries have more than doubled between 2001 to 2014. That said, here is some common wrist injury every yoga enthusiast should know.

Wrist injuries

The wrist is one of the most overused parts of the body. From typing to texting to cooking to writing and more, the wrist is always called to action when there is a task to be executed. This constant overuse causes strains to the wrist and may result in excruciating pain and even develop long-lasting conditions like carpal tunnel.

When it comes to yoga, a lot of poses often involve practitioners using their wrists. And if you’re just starting out, there is a high probability that your body isn’t used to this.

From poses like planks, downward dogs, handstand, crow, side plank, chaturanga and other arm balances, if not done right can aggravate wrist pain. But you can keep wrist pains at bay by executing your yoga poses correctly and wearing the right wrist brace for yoga.


While this may not be an offshoot of yoga practice, dealing with arthritis with poses can cause a severe risk of participating in yoga. In severe cases, arthritis can force you to quit yoga entirely. But we are sure you wouldn’t like that. It should be noted that the the first sign of wrist pain shouldn’t be ignored. Wrist pain is a sign that something isn’t right and needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

For people with mild cases of arthritis, you can combine your treatment routine with excellent wrist support. This way, you don’t have to give up on your favourite routine.

If you notice that the pain can be at high levels of excruciating, don’t jump on the no pain, no gain mantra without taking some time off to recuperate or talking to your doctor about a potential wrist brace solution.

Lower back pain

Whether you’ve been practising yoga for years or you’re just starting, you’ll agree that the lower back pain is one of the most frequently cited yoga injuries in the book. And this pain is triggered by wrong execution of poses like downward dog, forward folds, or keeping your legs too straight when going into a pose.

Here is the thing about not getting your positioning right when executing poses, rounding triggers the spine to flex in the opposite direction, this alone can cause serious disc problems as well as lower back muscular problems.

And according to experts, forcing muscles into elongation or overstretching the major muscle groups in the back is a recipe for irritation and lower back injuries.

Shoulder and elbow injuries

These two problems are prevalent among yoga practitioners and are caused by repetitive strains or stress wrist injury. When yogis keep overdoing certain poses or spend extended amounts of time executing a pose, the chances of suffering from shoulder or elbow injuries are high.

If you’re one to practice too many vinyasas or chaturanga incorrectly, we will advise you to take some time off to get your poses right. If you feel fatigued, don’t try to push yourself harder than you are already doing. Taking some time off to recuperate is highly recommended.

Why yogis experience wrist pain

Like we stated earlier, wrist pain is one of the most common conditions experienced by yogis. If you’ve experienced some form of pain or discomfort in the wrist when performing yoga poses like downward dog or crow, then you’ll know for sure that wrist pain is a real issue in yoga practice. But thanks to proper modifications and progressions, this issue can be quickly addressed, and you can go back to enjoying the thing you love doing the most with the use of a wrist brace.

While yogis often experience wrist pain, this condition also affects other athletes like CrossFit athletes and weightlifters and may happen because of bad ergonomics. Here is the thing, proper alignment applies to everything we do, and that includes riding, typing, weightlifting and even when executing poses.

Simply put, when the wrist is hiked upwards, in an extended position, it exerts stress on soft tissues like tendons in the wrist. Over time, if not corrected, overstressing the soft tissues in the wrist can lead to varying cases of wrist injuries you may be needing treatment. In short term cases then a wrist support product may by in order to help with any aches.

Here is a simple logic we have put together, so you get the bigger picture. People walk with their feet and not their hands, so it’s imperative that when we work the hands during yoga classes, it’s okay to allow room for some adjustment.

Besides overstressing the soft tissues in the wrist, another common reason for wrist pain among yogis is finger positioning or simply put, the weight distribution across the fingers. The truth is, if you put more weight on your hands towards the pinkie, there is a high chance of feeling wrist pain than when you have more weight exerted on the “L” shape of the hand which may warrant the use of a wrist brace.

Another reason why yogis experience wrist pain may be due to lack of flexibility. For instance, if you’re executing a downward fog and you keep your hamstrings a little too tight, there is every likelihood that you’ll lean forward into your shoulder and wrist, putting the wrist in a compromised and challenging position that triggers wrist pain. More sinister conditions like carpal tunnel should also be considered and you may need to speak with your health care professional care options.

Tips to protect your wrist when executing poses

Knowing yourself and your ability is the first step to protecting your hands and wrist during yoga practice. Besides getting your positioning and alignment right, wearing the right wrist brace during yoga sessions can be important to progress and switch things up according to your ability and fitness level.

More so, It’s important to not compare yourself with other people in your yoga class and take things one at a time. Should you experience low-level wrist discomfort while executing your favourite poses, here are some things you can do.

  • Instead of executing a downward dog, it is better to switch to a dolphin pose instead (dolphin pose is a lot similar to downward dogs, the only difference here is that a dolphin pose is done using the forearm).
  • Instead of performing a wheel pose on the floor, experiment with blocks placed at an angle against the wall. With the block in place, you can go ahead to do a wheel pose, but this time, your hands will be placed on those blocks.
  • Instead of doing a cobra or upward dog pose, you can slightly modify it to a baby cobra or sphinx pose, which can both be executed on the forearms instead of the wrist.
  • Instead of planking and putting all the pressure on your hands, we suggest you execute a plank on your forearms and take things slowly to the knees, especially if you have a weak core.

Feeling slight pain or discomfort in the wrist is a telltale sign that something is wrong. So the minute you sense a bit of trouble in your wrist, quickly consult with a professional who is in the right position to suggest some modifications. In some cases, you may be asked to wear a good yoga wrist brace or just take some days off so your wrist can heal properly.

It’s important that you don’t mask wrist pain up by sticking to the famous mantra “no pain, no gain.” Doing so will amount to shooting yourself on foot, and we doubt if you’ll like that.

Types of wrist support for yoga

The market is super-saturated with tons of wrist wraps, that it is now an uphill task to find the one that works best for you. But before we dive into exploring some of the best support braces for yoga that offer the best, here is a sneak peek of types of yoga braces have the best support and compression.

Whether you want mild or rigid support, rest assured that one of these yoga support braces will tickle your fancy.

Yoga wrist wrap gloves

Yoga gloves perform two simultaneous functions; little surprise why they are loved by yogis. With this type of wrist support from wrist wraps, you’ll enjoy support for both your hands and wrist. Call it a double protection brace, and you’ll not be wrong.

Yoga wrist wraps

This type of wrist support for yoga is specially designed to give your wrist that extra bit of support it is lacking. For people with wrist pain, yoga wrist wraps will provide an excellent compression that lets you continue with your favourite poses.

Yoga wrist straps

For a more comfortable ergonomics, reliable grip and pleasant wearing experience, you’ll fancy wrist wraps. And we love the fact that most yoga wrist wraps provide support for the wrist as well as the thumb.

For people who want to keep wrist injuries at bay while staying committed to their yoga routine, you won’t be disappointed to give these wrist wraps a try. And with many wrist brace options on the market today, we are sure you’ll find one that fits perfectly.

Yoga Wrist supports vs wrist wedge: what you should know

Yoga wrist support and wrist wedge are increasingly becoming popular among yogis who want to keep their wrist protected, perform excellently and take their yoga routine to the next level. That said, both of these yoga props vary a little bit in function. Stay with us as we run you through some unique differences between wrist support vs wrist wedge.

  1. Wrist wraps provide a mild to rigid support around your wrist when performing a yoga pose. On the flip side, wrist wedges keep your hands in a declined position, which prevents your wrist from moving too far into extension.
  2. Both of these yoga props are made from entirely different materials.
  3. While the primary job of yoga support braces is to protect your wrist from injuries, wrist wedge does much more. The wrist wedge protects your wrist while allowing you to execute your favourite yoga poses correctly.
  4. A Wrist wedge is a multi-use exercise wedge while wrist support just provides that extra bit of compression that keeps your wrist protected.

Top 5 popular wrist support for yoga

Wrist pain is a very common problem among yogis, but guess what, wearing the right wrist brace yoga support helps stabilize the wrist joints and muscles while protecting your wrist from a wrist injury that is likely to occur. Here, check out our list of best wrist support for yoga.

Wrist wrap sleeves by Spartos

Take your yoga to the next level with this brilliant wrist support sleeve. Designed with support levels in mind, this incredible yoga support sleeve is made from breathable yarn and delivers targeted support and compression to the wrist.

We love that the materials used to make this wrist support brace is skin-friendly and will not irritate your skin. More so, this wrist brace is comfortable to put on and take off. In addition to that, it is super convenient and can be worn during the day or night. With four exciting sizes and colours you can easily choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly.


  • Can be worn both during the day and night
  • Allows for a full range of motion
  • Four exciting colours and sizes to explore
  • Perfect support and compression
  • Promotes blood circulation to your hands


  • Missing adjustable straps

Adjustable Wrist Brace by BraceUp

Every yoga session should be fun and memorable; that’s why getting the all amazing adjustable wrist wraps by BraceUp is a must. Made from a sturdy neoprene blend and fitted with breathable lining, this wrist brace will deliver mild support to the wrist while ensuring you perform at your best.

Designed to fit either the left or right hand, this support brace for yoga will deliver a comfortable wearing experience, thanks to the exotic materials used to make it. And because it offers mild support, it will not limit your range of motion.


  • Provides mild support that allows for a full range of motion
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • Breathable lining that guarantees a comfortable wearing experience
  • Great for push ups, arm balances for your wrist joints


  • Comes in one size only, so you may not be sure if it will fit
  • Can exert a lot of pressure on the thumb

ComfyBrace Wrist Support Brace

Specially designed to improve performance while protecting your wrist at the same time, ComfyBrace Wrist Support is one of a kind and will deliver as promised. We love the fact that this wrist brace is ergonomically engineered for comfort and maximum support, so you can rest assured that this wrist wrap will live up to its promise.

We are thrilled that this wrist brace is breathable, meaning it doesn’t hold up moisture. Plus, you can wear it during the day or at night. With a full range of motion guaranteed, you’ll have a pleasant experience using these yoga wrist guards.


  • Comes in multiple colours
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Support for weight bearing


  • Missing velcro straps

Vive Wrist Brace

Yogis looking to improve their “A” game will love Vive wrist supports. With Vive Wrist Brace, you’ll enjoy maximum support and assistance when engaging in your favourite activities.

Featuring a reversible design, this wrist brace for yoga can be easily adjusted to fit either the right or left hand. Plus, the metal splints that come with this wrist brace can be removed to improve the stiffness of the wrist wrap for ideal support and compression.

With the ability to retain therapeutic heat, this wrist brace will improve circulation while speeding up the healing process.


  • Spots a reversible design that makes it perfect for use on either left or right hand
  • Features adjustable straps
  • Heavy duty
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Ideal for both push up positions and arm balances that can help your wrist joint
  • Helps with weight bearing positions


  • Not as comfortable as other wrist support

Wrist Wraps by Rip Toned

Wrist Wraps by Rip Toned have earned their place as one of the best on the market. And for yoga enthusiasts looking to up their game while keeping their wrist protected, you’re welcome to give this incredible wrist support for yoga a try.

Whether you’re interested in stiff or medium-stiff versions, rest assured that this blend of wrist brace has you covered. From easy to adjust velcro straps to premium stitching and more, these excellent yoga wrist guards will deliver as promised.


  • Reinforced stitching
  • Easy to adjust velcro straps
  • Lightweight and breathable wrist wrap
  • Helps blood circulation in arms and wrist
  • Good support levels for the wrist joint
  • Great for push ups
  • Helps with weight bearing and stress on the wrist joints


  • A little too rigid and may not be as comfortable as other wrist support braces.

Frequently asked questions

Must you use wrist support for yoga?

While it isn’t a must to wear a wrist brace when executing poses, for your safety and protection from a wrist injury, it is highly recommended.

Can I use wrist support for yoga when I’m injured?

For people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and other wrist conditions, wearing wrist braces during yoga classes is super important as it will keep your conditions from deteriorating.

How do I choose the perfect wrist brace?

Choosing the perfect wrist brace can be a little tricky. However, if you put into consideration the type of materials you want and the kind of wrist supports and compression you’re looking for, you should find one that fits perfectly.


Keeping your wrists protected with quality wrist support can level up your yoga routine, imagine having full control over the support of your wrists and this is why its so important. Thankfully a wrist wrap is very affordable, you can do all of that with the right wrist brace for yoga. In today’s post, we went the extra mile to list some of the best wrist braces for yoga on the market currently. We hope you find one of them worth giving a try.