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Wrist Pain on Bone – Dont Ignore It! – Symptoms & Treatments

Wrist Pain on Bone Symptoms & Treatments

Wrist pain on the bone isn’t something new, as tons of people around the world suffer from this condition. Like other wrist conditions, pain on the wrist bone is a telltale sign that something isn’t right. So instead of trying to figure out what could be wrong, it’s best to see a physiotherapist or doctor … Read more

De Quervain Syndrome – Thumb Side Wrist Pain Treatments & Relief

De Quervain Syndrome - Thumb Side Wrist Pain Treatments & Relief

Have you recently started feeling some weird pain on the thumb side of the wrist? Other wised known De Quervain syndrome and is also known to affect the “texting thumb” if you are familiar with smartphone texting. But don’t panic as this condition can be well managed and treated, so you feel better within the … Read more

Wrist Pain Pinky Side – How To Fix It With These Treatments

Wrist Pain Pinky Side Treatments

Are you feeling pain on the pinky side of wrist? Well, you’re not alone as thousands of people suffer from similar conditions around the globe. And you know what, the condition can be managed, so there is no cause for concern. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and bring you up to speed on … Read more

Wrist Pain When Bent – Top 5 Relief Tips

Wrist pain often arises from overwork. Anyone who works on the computer for an extended time can get pain from the cramped position of the wrist. Serious basis of pain in the hand or wrist include injuries to bones, tendons or ligaments. A variety of diseases may initiate pain in the wrist joint. Read everything … Read more