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Types of Wrist Pain in Yoga – 6 Treatments & Tips For Relief

Types of Wrist Pain in Yoga - 6 Preventative Tips For Relief

Wrist pain is one demon every yoga enthusiast has to deal with at one point in their life, especially if you’re just starting. And that’s because many yoga poses such as chaturanga and plank require you to put a lot of weight on the wrist. For people dealing with existing conditions like osteoarthritis, this can … Read more

Best Yoga Wrist Support – Wrist Wraps For Yogis

Best Yoga Wrist Support (2)

Yoga is one of the most popular mind-body therapies you’ll come across, and for thousands of years, this beautiful mental and physical practice has won the hearts of millions of practitioners all across the globe. For people just starting out, we know you always feel the nudge to roll out your yoga mat and explore … Read more

Simple Yoga Wrist Pain Remedies To Help Protect Your Wrist

If you have been doing Yoga for anything length of time then you may have experienced wrist pain somewhere down the line. Yoga wrist pain occurs due to lack of strength in your wrists and forearms and may commonly lead to other aches, pains, stiffness or weaknesses in your forearm known as golfer’s elbow. How … Read more

10 Amazing Acupressure Treatments For Arm and Wrist Pain

Acupressure Treatments For Arm and Wrist Pain

From time to time, we experience pain in the area of our wrists and arms. We often dismiss this experience and just treat it with pain relievers to reduce the discomfort. Sure there are painkillers, ointments, and other healing wonders that take away the ailment but they only last for a brief moment. Understanding what … Read more

Tips to Prevent Wrist Pain in Yoga

Many of us don’t usually think about our wrists’ Until they start to hurt, that is. People who practice yoga, for example, might occasionally experience strains such as cramps or twinges in their wrists. This article will aim to outline some wrist strengthening and protection strategies that will help you achieve healthier, more stable wrists. … Read more

How to Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga?

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise, it nurtures the connection between breathing, meditation, and physical movements to induce a relaxing state of the mind and body. However, we can’t totally veer away from the physical nature of yoga and all the exercises it encompasses. Injuries can occur if yoga movements are not properly executed … Read more