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Best Wrist Support for Typing For Sore Wrists

Do you normally use a keyboard for extended periods of time? Then chances are you could be susceptible to wrist injuries like carpel tunnel, wrist inflammation and more.

These injuries can be very painful and can stop you from doing your job effectively. But guess what, you can effectively protect yourself from wrist injuries by getting yourself a uniquely designed wrist support that aids typing. For avid typists to people who always have to work with their computer keyboard, getting yourself a good wrist support for typing wouldn’t be a bad idea. Here, checkout our list of top wrist support for typing

3 Types of wrist support for typing

When it comes to typing, there are lots of wrist support braces on the market that are uniquely designed to keep your wrist protected when typing. But guess what, you have to pay special attention and ensure you choose one that works for you. At the end of the day, you will want to go for a wrist support that is practical in design and allows you to do your job without any hassle.
Here is what you should know, each type of wrist support for typing has their own benefits and drawbacks so it is important you have this at the back of your mind when choosing any wrist support. Here, take a look at some of the available wrist support for typing, hopefully, this helps you make a great choice when sourcing for good wrist support.


Wrist braces have proven to provide reliable support for the wrist. Trust us when we say they are a reliable option for avid typists who want to keep their wrists protected from injuries at all times. Thanks to their larger frame and adjustable Velcro straps, they provide strong support while slightly limiting movement so you don’t aggravate your wrist injuries. This makes wrist braces highly recommended for people with existing injuries like carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury.


For people who aren’t fans of larger braces that slightly restrict movements, you’ll not go wrong to give wrist support gloves for typing a try. Although they might not provide the same level of support like wrist braces, they allow for seamless movement and thus perfect for typing. More so, they are lightweight, easy to wear and carry around. Thankfully, there are lots of topnotch typing gloves on the market, so you’ll find a brand that is affordable and suits your typing needs.

Foam or Gel Cushion

If you don’t fancy wearing gloves and braces and looking for something that still protects your wrist while allowing you to freely go about your job, then getting a foam or gel cushion wouldn’t be such a bad idea. What we love about foam and gel cushion is their practical design and applicability. Foam and gel cushion unlike braces and gloves are designed to sit in front of your keyboard or mouse pad. This will allow you to rest your wrist in a comfy position. For PC users looking for an affordable means of protecting their wrist, getting a cushion will be absolutely worth it as it does the work effectively.

What to look out for when buying wrist braces for typing

Yes, getting yourself a wrist support for typing is good, but you have to do your due diligence so that you end up with a wrist support you’ll be proud of. Here, checkout top things to look out for when buying wrist support

Type of materials

When shopping for a wrist support, it is important you pay attention to the type of materials used to manufacture different wrist support. From neoprene to carbon fiber and more, there lots of great materials used to make wrist support. If you want a wrist support that provides comprehensive thickness and creates warmth that is therapeutic, you’re better off going for a neoprene based wrist support.

Strong support

Going for a wrist support with strong compression is great for people who are treating one form of wrist injury or the other. To this end, you should go for wrist support with adjustable Velcro strap. But if you just want something slightly tight, that allows for wrist flexibility, you can go for wrist braces without Velcro strap.


As much as you want a good wrist support, we always suggest you go for a wrist support that is affordable. Except of course you have money to splash on the best, it’s always smart to keep things simple.

Recommended Wrist Support Products

Wrist support band by wristwidget

Arguably one of the finest wrist support brace on the market, this wrist brace is unique, stylish and practical. The cool thing about this fantastic wrist support is that it is flexible and allows for free movement of the wrist. For people who don’t want to sacrifice efficiency for tight grip, this is just what you are looking for. While it is uniquely engineered to provide support for your wrist, it allows for smooth and hassle-free typing. More so, it is made using high-quality materials that are breathable and durable. Its unique strap means this wrist brace will sit comfortable on your hand without slipping off.

  • Top notch material
  • Fantastic support
  • Hassle free typing
  • Doesn’t impede blood flow


  • Can slip off small wrist

Gel Wrist Pad by Jelkin

For avid typist who are looking for something to rest their hands on while working with their computer keyboard, you’re welcome to give this powerful wrist pad a try. Made from superior quality materials and featuring soft gel pad, this wrist pad for typing will provide a solid support for your wrist when typing. Not just that, if you’re dealing with carpal tunnel and other wrist injuries, Jelkin gel wrist pad for typing will help reduce the strain on your wrist while helping you to manage complications such as repetitive strain injury. Trust us when we say this is the ideal wrist pad for power typists.


  • Fair price for a quality product
  • Provides optimum wrist support
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Isn’t as solid as other wrist brace on the market

Bamboo wrist support by Vive

Specially designed to prevent injuries and ease excruciating pain from existing ones, this incredible wrist support provides a tight support for your wrist and ensures you go about your typing work without any hassle. For people who have used other wrist support before with no success, you’ll absolutely love this bamboo wrist support. It is stylish, practical and allows for smooth and hassle free typing. Its unique bamboo charcoal hybrid material doesn’t just mean that this wrist brace will provide a strong support for the wrist, more than this, it encourages blood flow. Thanks to this wrist support, you can kiss goodbye to repetitive strain injuries and more that can stop you from doing the things you love.


  • Tight and hassle free support
  • Superior materials
  • Breathable and naturally regulates temperature
  • Fitted with bacteria repelling fibers


  • May be too tight for some wrists

Arthritis glove by copper compression

Although this glove is uniquely designed to help people suffering from arthritis, it also doubles as a wrist support for typing and provides a fantastic support that protects your wrist from injuries when typing. One thing we have come to love about this wrist support typing glove is that it is super comfortable and practical in design, this makes it perfect for everyday use. It comes in lots of fantastic option and features a simple sizing guide that allows you to easily find one that fits perfectly. Due to its sturdy and solid design, this wrist support glove has proven to be quite effective in easing the pain from carpal tunnel and other wrist injuries.


  • Provides optimum support without restricting movement
  • Super comfortable and fitting for everyday use
  • Superior quality


  • Becomes easily worn out

Wrist Brace by Junosport

Have you been struggling to find a strong, durable and reliable wrist support for typing and you haven’t been lucky so far? Well, we just found one we think you’ll love. Designed with you in mind, this wrist support brace for typing features adjustable Velcro strap that provides a solid support for your wrist without limiting movement. This makes it highly recommended for avid typists looking for a brace that allows them go about their job without any hassle. Thanks to its stylish Velcro strap, this wrist support is easy to put on and remove. It’s lightweight design allows you to carry this wrist brace between work and home.

  • Provides optimum wrist support without limiting wrist movement
  • Superior materials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Practical design


Gets dirty easily, so you’ll have to clean every now and then

How to avoid wrist pain from typing

With more and more people working with their computer keyboard every day, wrist injuries that are a result of keyboard misuse are becoming a very common issue. From tingling and numbness in your hand, wrist injuries can progress to a point where you may be needing surgery.
Whether repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist injuries can have you feeling frustrated and stop you from doing your job effectively. To ensure that you are on the safe side while going about your daily job, here are some incredible ways to avoid wrist pain from typing.

Pay attention to posture

Your posture while typing is very important, so you shouldn’t take it for granted. We always advise that you adjust your chair accordingly and test out different positions until you find one that is comfortable. Also, you’ll want to make sure your feet is flat and sits comfortably on the floor, with your knee arched at an angle of 90 degree, this will help prevent back injuries.
Again, you should double check and ensure that your screen is at eye level. It is important that you never hunch over the computer and for people who use laptop, please pay special attention to your posture. If you’re one who typically has to do a lot of work on your laptop, then it would be smart to get a wireless keyboard.

Tweak keyboard position

When putting together your computer workstation, it is highly recommended to have your chair at the right height. More so, always check to make sure your wrists are not pressing against the hard edges of your computer table or desk. Again, check to make sure the table isn’t too high that you have to bend to reach the keyboard.
To always keep your wrist protected while working with your computer, experts always advise to place your keyboard on flat surfaces with the same level as your elbows. For a more comfortable grip, you can also have your keyboard slightly below your elbow.
Tips: Having a computer gel pad is an amazing way to keep your wrist protected while typing on your computer. With gel pad, you’ll not be at risk of resting your wrist against hard desk surfaces.

Your hands while typing

Before kick starting your daily typing session, we advise that you remove any kind of jewelry including bracelets and chunky rings. Another smart thing to do is stretch your hand and forearms before and after typing sessions, this will ensure your wrist is prepped to handle the pressure that comes from typing. A simple stretch routine you can try is putting your palms together in a praying position and rotating your wrist in a cyclical move.
Having your hands in a neutral position is very pivotal if you must avoid injuries from typing. Some people usually have their wrist turn inward or outward because of leaning towards the pinkies or thumb. This posture causes the hand to go diagonally towards the keyboard and isn’t good for your wrist. If you are not prepared to go through all these hassles, then we suggest you get an ergonomic keyboard.

Quick tips for avoiding injuries when typing

  • Keep a proper posture while typing
  • Make sure your workstation is properly set up
  • Pay close attention to your hand positioning
  • Monitor your technique
  • Do a hand stretch before and after typing


If you are a power typist and spend long hours working with your laptop, repetitive strain is a real concern. Not to worry, you can always stay protected by grabbing the best wrist support uniquely designed to keep you protected.