Traditional Black Sneakydeez Wrist Wraps

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Traditional black Sneakydeez compression support wristbands are for pole dancers, gymnasts, fitness and athletes who want to prevent sore wrists for good.

Material:  Lycra. Fabric is more soft an flexible around the wrists.

Sneakydeez Vs. other wristwraps

  • Flexible wrist support for Pole Dancers and Gymnasts without compromising your wrist movements.
  • Comfortable design that doesn’t cut off your hands blood circulation.
  • Prevents wrist soreness from wrist intensive activities and exercises.
  • A great selection of the range of different designs to compliment your style.

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Why Sneakydeez?

If you are suffering from aching wrists during and/or after your training sessions then it’s evident that your wrists are lacking the right amount of support.

In the short term – sore wrists prevent people from training longer and harder and those aches don’t stop there, it creeps into your daily life outside of your training and making your working day and personal life an obstacle.

In the long term effects of neglecting to take care of your wrists can lead to more serious wrist injuries due to repetitive stress from my your training regime.

Diagnosed Wrist Conditions
If you have a diagnosed wrist condition it is recommended that you consult your medical practitioner to see if Sneakydeez is the right solution for you. We do not claim to cure any already diagnosed wrist conditions but we have seen positive results in pain suppression for people training with these conditions.

Don’t let your sore wrists set you back and get your Sneakydeez wrist wraps today and start seeing the true benefits of being completely FREE from wrist pain.
Spend $50 and get Free Shipping Worldwide.

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6cm Wide



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M, S



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Hand Wash Only