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I wasn't confident in my wrist strength to truely get into the position I need to for my deadlift handstand. And I didn't even realize this until my wrists started getting sore.

I put on my Sneakydeez wrist wraps & Hello Deadlift Handstand!

My wrists don't hurt & they have never felt more secure than ever

Sneakydeez Heat Pack

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Sneakydeez wrist guards offer unparalleled comfort and support, blending style with functionality. 

  • Alleviate wrist pain quickly
  • Longer pain-free training sessions.
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Aid recovery

They’re essential for anyone serious about performance and wrist health.


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I wasn't confident in my wrist strength to truely get into the position I need to for my deadlift handstand. And I didn't even realize this until my wrists started getting sore.

I put on my Sneakydeez wrist wraps & Hello Deadlift Handstand!

My wrists don't hurt & they have never felt more secure than ever

Are You Struggling With Wrist Pain Holding You Back From Your
Best Performance

Imagine a life where wrist pain doesn’t dictate your fitness goals or daily activities. Where every movement is pain-free, and your wrists feel as strong and resilient as ever.

Could Sneakydeez wrist guards be your answer?

You know the drill. The nagging pain.The frustrating limitations.

Your passion for climbing, gymnastics, or pole dancing is overshadowed by constant worry about your wrists.

Every grip, twist, or turn becomes a painful reminder. 

And the worst part? The endless cycle of remedies that are either short lived or completely ineffective.

❌ Supplements
❌ Hot/cold treatments
❌New warm-up routines
❌Fluffy wrist warmers

The Last Wrist Guards
You'll Own

But now, there’s Sneakydeez. Not just another wrist guard, but a breakthrough in wrist support that many swear by. 

🎯 Say goodbye to wrist pain, tingling, and numbness. Perfect for conditions like carpal tunnel and tendonitis.

💪 Unwavering Support: Experience robust wrist support that fortifies your grip and steadies your moves, preventing strains and injuries.

🔄 Full Range Flexibility: Enjoy total freedom of movement. Our wrist guards flex with you, essential for climbers, dancers, and gymnasts.

🌟 Ultimate Comfort: Embrace the soft touch of Lycra. No more circulation cuts or skin irritations – just seamless comfort.

🎨 Stylish Designs: Stand out with our range of trendy designs. Function meets fashion in every wrist guard.

🌈 Quality that Lasts: Durable Lycra material ensures your wrist guards withstand the rigors of daily use.

🕊️ Easy to use: Fits perfectly into your active lifestyle. Notice the support, not the guard.

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🚀 Boost Recovery: Accelerate your recovery journey. Ideal support for post-injury comebacks or managing ongoing wrist conditions.

⚡ Elevate Performance: Unlock longer, more effective training sessions. When pain is out of the picture, your true potential shines.

Designed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts like you, Sneakydeez is the answer you’ve been searching for.

How To Use Sneakydeez




Who is Sneakydeez

Hi my name is Masa Pinner i’ve been teaching pole dance for 8 years. I worked as a fashion designer for an international clothing brand. 

I made Sneakydeez out of despiration because I was constantly in pain. I had classes everyday and I had to perform at my best for my students. 

I tried all the popular options and nothing helped me. They were cheaply made and expensive. They didnt offer a “strong” support that worked for me.

One day I was at my job I came up idea for Sneakydeez, I had all the access to the materials and the rest is history.

It became a hit in my pole dance classes as people were noticing the difference in their performance… 

And now Sneakydeez are being used by thousands of people all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sneakydeez are designed to help alleviate symptoms associated with carpal tunnel, inflammation, and tendonitis. However, they’re not a replacement for medical treatment. We always recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for diagnosed conditions.

Unlike other wrist supports, Sneakydeez offer a unique combination of flexibility, support, and comfort without cutting off circulation. They are made from high-quality Lycra, are stylish, and provide a comfortable fit that allows for full wrist movement.

Sneakydeez come in various sizes to fit all users comfortably. Refer to our sizing chart on the product page to measure your wrist and find the perfect fit for optimal support and comfort.

Sneakydeez are designed to support a wide range of activities without restricting your movement. However, if you’re experiencing severe pain or discomfort, it’s crucial to listen to your body and adjust your activities accordingly.

If pain persists then do the right thing and talk to your healthcare provider.

A: While Sneakydeez are designed for active use, they are comfortable enough for extended wear. Pay attention to your body’s signals, and if you experience any discomfort, adjust the tightness or give your wrists a break.

We stand behind our product with a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, contact us for a hassle-free return.

Conditions do apply: Returns are only applicable to European customers for now due to import taxes from returns outside of EU.


Only hand washing is recommended. 

Machine washing could potentially damage your wrist guards. 

We’re here to help! Feel free to message us on our social media or contact us through our website’s contact page.

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In 60 Seconds Give Your Sore Overworked Muscles The Relief They Need

Introducing our brand new first edition Sneakydeez heat pack.

  • Relieve muscle pain fast – so that you feel rejuvenated quicker without having days, or possibly weeks of pain to deal with, tiring you out and making you feel like you can hold yourself up properly. Even if you know pushed yourself too hard.
  • Never lose gains and momentum again – treating overworked muscles is like saying “NO” to a week of the debilitating neck, shoulder and/or back pain. (use it when you finish training on the muscles that you worked the most and think yourself later)
  • Heated in 60 seconds – Apply the heat pack to the problem areas as soon as possible to bring down the first stages of muscle inflammation. (60 seconds in the microwave is all takes)
  • Doesn’t irritate or stick to skin – so that you don’t have the uncomfortable feeling like its burning or freezing you. Allowing you to keep a safe concentrated amount of treatment to the problem areas without moving the pack away.
  • Hot or cold treatment – so that you can treat a variety of muscle injuries that need separate hot and cold treatments.
  • lightly perfumed with a relaxing hand pick scent from the Croatian seaside island called Hvar – feel more relaxed as you smell the soft waves of fresh lavender that have been handpicked from Hvar, or indulge in a combination of mint and cinnamon reminiscent to lounging by the sea in the hot sun.
  • Make Painkillers a last resort – We have been dependent on over-the-counter meds that have proven to not be so healthy for the long term. Having your own hot/cold pack can help you will get direct relief to aches and muscles pains.
  • Your Period pain and stomach ache buddy – Get quick relief from tummy aches and period cramps (Heat up your Sneakydeez heatpack in 60 seconds escape the cramps)
  • Handmade in Slovenia Europe – the quality of this pack is made with all-natural, eco-friendly materials


Have you ever come home from an awesome training session so happy that you know you felt like you made massive progress gains?

You feel the adrenaline and excitement is pumping through you like you have a burst of energy inside you that has a life of its own. (heck, you may feel like going for another round of intense workouts)

But when you get home, you’ve put your feet up to calm down and relax then suddenly it all happens… you feel your muscles tense up in your neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back.

The next thing you know it “everything f*cking hurts”, you yelp and cry out in pain to every small and quick instinct movement that you probably didn’t notice you did it before the pain.

And maybe you’re like most people, and you don’t feel it until the next morning… which feels something like someone just beat you with a pipe. It becomes mission impossible to just get up out of bed. Trying to keep your next straight to avoid the shooting pains.

Most of the time painkillers don’t even work and this is where it starts to interfere with all the other things going on in your life, like your job, your workout goals, and the pain can last for days to weeks. You feel so sore that you skip days working out and killing all your progress. You get into trouble at work by the boss because the pain is so great that you lose focus and fall into a slumber.

Let’s just face it, if you pole dance or do any kind of high impact sport, then its inevitable to suffer from muscle pain and injury that could stagnant your progress, and potentially wiping out all your hard earned gains…

Now there is a smart option to treat your muscles instantly, so you never lose your gains and keep your pole dance momentum without throwing away a whole week to “the house of pain” and missing out on training and life in general.

Get your own Sneakydeez limited edition hot pack now – And Spend and get Free Shipping Worldwide.



Microwave for 1-2 minutes and apply on the sore area. (heat pack can be reheated anytime).
Stiffness or tension can often be relieved with only 15 to 20 minutes of heat therapy.

FOR WET HEAT- put in microwave for 1-2 min
FOR DRY HEAT – put a glass of water with a heat pack in the microwave for 1-2 min



Put in freezer until you need it. don’t put in microwave straight from the freezer. Apply cold treatment as soon as possible after an injury. Use cold therapy for short periods of time, several times a day. Ten to 15 minutes is fine, and no more than 20 minutes of cold therapy should be used at a time to prevent nerve, tissue, and skin damage

100% Cotton
filling: rice and lavender

The shape of heart 26 x 20 cm
10.23 x 7.87 inchw
Do not wash

Additional information

Washing Directions

Do not wash


100% Cotton
filling: rice and lavender, or rice cinnamon mint scent


26 x 20 cm
10.23 x 7.87 inch