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How to Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga?

Yoga is more than just a physical exercise, it nurtures the connection between breathing, meditation, and physical movements to induce a relaxing state of the mind and body. However, we can’t totally veer away from the physical nature of yoga and all the exercises it encompasses. Injuries can occur if yoga movements are not properly executed … Read more

When to Use Wrist Support and Why You Should – Do This To Free Up Your Wrists

Wrist wraps have recently become commonplace in any in any gym, pole dance studio and gymnastics facility you can think of. When you walk in, you are almost guaranteed to see people utilizing wrist brace of some kind, usually black in colour, hanging from a person’s arms as he or she walks between equipment before starting their weight sets … Read more

Tips for Using Wrist Wraps to Prevent Wrist Pain

There are many accessories on the market that are available for CrossFit athletes, lifters and pole dancers including straps, thumb loop less wraps, knee sleeves, belts, and lifting shoes, and in my personal opinion, wrist wraps are among some of the most misused and overused support accessories for both lifting and pole dancing motions that … Read more

Exercises To Prevent Wrist Injuries

Wrists are not often thought about when working out, but did you know that they actually take on a lot of strain? Whether you are falling on your hands from being tackled, throwing a ball, swinging a stick, or punching something, the wrists encompass many fragile joint takes a constant beating and undergoes a lot of … Read more