How it feels to wear Sneakydeez is a completely different story... unfortunately images don't do it justice to describe how it makes our customers feel.

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If you consider yourself a highly active person in sport and fitness then you know what its like to have your body fatigue on you, it's completely normal. This cry of fatigue is a sign of your body crying for a rest day.

And rightfully so, if you are an experienced active person you will understand the positive and negatives of rest periods.

  • POSITIVES: It restores your body to a normal state after stress
  • NEGATIVES: Can make you feel lazy

Fortunately, we have you covered if you experience sore wrists after your training.  If you are a pole dancer, gymnast, crossfitter, aerial dance enthusiast or yogi then you will know exactly what I am talking about.

  • feeling wrist tenderness 24/7 that doesn't seem to go away
  • loss of grip from wrist soreness
  • Basic things like shopping, tapping on your phone and other life stuff that involves your wrist (most things) becomes a task to deal with the pain. 

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